Into The World Of Escorts

An escort agency is an organisation that provides male and female sex workers. They usually do not display their profession to the general public; they are very discreet about it. They never indulge in institutions like brothels or bordellos. Commonly, it is assumed that these agencies have only call girls, but nowadays they include call boys as well as a part of the number of services they provide. The agency typically arranges a meeting between one of its escorts and the client who has availed the services at the clients home or usually a hotel room, or in rare instances, the escort’s residence.

This is known as incall. Some agencies allow their escorts to stay with clients for extended durations of time, for example, a holiday or business trips, etc. While they are paid a fee for the booking and the dispatch service, the client has to negotiate any additional arrangements they wish to avail directly with the escort such as sexual services regardless of the legality of these services.

Sex as an income:

there are many instances where people resort to selling their bodies and their time in return for a decent sum of money. People who initially get into escort services would be doing it to pay for school or to pay for bills. But what they don’t know is that later they might not be able to get out of it, they are sucked into pornography, or other means of selling their body and they will keep doing this until they have their looks and physical health. After that what?

Dangers of sex with strangers. (This applies to the escort and the client as well):

The hazards and risks include sexually transmitted diseases, robberies, thefts, and also sometimes may consist of illegal drugs. For some people who get into this line of work, it is dangerous indeed especially for women as they are treated as sexual objects rather than being seen as human beings who can feel pain. Being on the receiving end of brutality and violence is a high possibility for an escort. So, therefore, they need to keep the client informed beforehand about the things they can tolerate.

Sex for money usually equates to prostitution:



The difference between a prostitute and an escort is an overarching label that society has given to just about anyone in the industry of sex. In prostitution, less engagement is required. An escort girl is basically a fancy prostitute, but one that has to give more of their time to the client. A prostitute will provide the sexual relations immediately and leave, but an escort is paid for the companionship, outings, and population as well. Escorts are refined, cleaner, more educated, friendlier and more expensive as well.