Perfect Gifts for Music Lovers

Music is one of those things that can become so ingrained in the heart and soul of a person, it becomes impossible to ignore. It can be a driving force for creativity, an escape from reality, or the reason why you’re able to do what you love most. And whether you have a music-loving friend who’s a rock star or a budding songwriter, there are plenty of gifts that will make their year.

1. A Guitar Clock That Plays Classic Rock

If your giftee loves a good ol’ fashioned rock and roll clock, this unique wall clock is perfect. This clock features a guitar that plays a classic rock tune, and it even comes with a remote that lets you change the song or set it to an alarm!

2. Personalized Mug for Music Lovers

For the coffee lover who also loves a good musical tune, consider this mug that’s lined with their favorite records. This mug will be a conversation piece in any room, and it’ll remind them of your thoughtful gift.

3. A Music Journal for Songwriters

If the music lover you’re shopping for is also a writer, this journal is the perfect gift. It’s laid out in a way that makes it easy to write down melodies and lyrics. It also has separate pages for notes and lyrics, so your giftee can have everything they need in one place.

4. A Musician’s Coffee Mug

For a music lover who needs to relax and drink some tea or coffee before they start working on their next project, this mug would be an ideal gift. The mug is made by Vater, and it comes with a clamp-on cup that can be attached to a drum stand or music stand.

5. Music Notes Tea Strainer Pack

For tea lovers who love music, this pack of music note-shaped tea strainers will be the perfect addition to their collection. These tea strainers hook onto the rim of their mug and are perfect for steeping loose leaf teas.

6. High-Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts

If you’re looking for a gift for the music lover who always takes their earphones on the go, consider this pair of high-fidelity earplugs. The earplugs have a pocket-sized hard case and come in three different sizes. They also feature a convenient charging cord.

7. Decorative Wall Hooks for Guitar Players and Music Lovers

For the musician who enjoys hanging up their gear, this set of wall hooks is a cool decor piece that will fit right in with their music-themed space. The hooks feature guitars from a variety of famous artists, and they’ll look great on any wall.

8. An Amazon Prime Membership for Music Lovers

For all the music lovers who spend a lot of time online, an Amazon Prime membership is a great gift. It offers free shipping and fast, low-cost delivery on most orders. It’s also a great way to get access to streaming services, including Amazon Music Unlimited, which will give your music-loving friend access to thousands of songs and podcasts.