Famous Personalities In The Escort Business

In any business, there will be some eminent personalities who stood out for the right reasons and the wrong reasons.  They might have achieved something big or done something miserable to attain this kind of popularity, and it is not an easy thing to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Likewise, there are also some great personalities in the escort business. They are famous for various reasons. In this article, we will see some of the famous personalities in the escort business.

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof is very famous for establishing and running two of the most successful brothels in the United States. They are Love Ranch and Cherry Patch Ranch. Both of them are located in Nevada. He was born on October 14th, 1964 in Phoenix Arizona. He died at the age of 72 on October 16th in the year 2018. Even though his main business was running the brothel centers, he has also appeared in some films and has also written some books. He was also active in politics during the years 2016 to 2018.

Jeff Gannon

Jeff Gannon is very famous because this guy had extremely different carriers. The first one of the most sophisticated ones in the whole world. He was one of the members of the White House Press corporations during the presidency of George Bush. The other profession was a fun-filled one with that no one would have thought of. He was an escort. He somehow managed to clear all the prior investigations before entering the white house. In 2007 his true background was revealed. A white collar job at the white house in the morning and a filthy escort during the night. It is truly an unimaginable combination.

Marlin Monroe

Marlin Monroe is a name that is very much synonymous with beauty. Some might even think what is her name doing in his list? There are no second thoughts about the fact that she is one of the most beautiful actresses that has ever graced the screens. But before that, she was an escort. The truth is that it was her escort job that gave her the opportunity to enter the film industry. Her contacts with high profile clients were the ones that paved her ways to make it big. She has actually posed nude for photographers and also used to hang out with top people for 500 dollars per night.

Alina Percea

Alina Percea is a name that created a huge storm when she auctioned her virginity. When it comes to being escort popularity really helps a lot to earn huge bugs. Think this teen really understood that and made herself popular with this amazing stunt. At the end of the day, she sold her virginity for good money and at the same time she is earring good bugs now. She charges 6000 dollars per night.